A short circular walk around Sunderland Point

Samboo's grave overlooking the sea to the west
Sunderland Point before the sea defences were added

Walk Overview:

Sunderland Point is a very special place indeed; one of my favourite spots in Lancashire.

I am intrigued by the sense of being almost marooned for a short time around high tide; twice daily the road to Sunderland is cut-off by rising tides - it is ‘asunder’. And when the tide covers the access road, Sunderland takes on a different feeling, it is like being on an island.

You should aim to walk this route starting about one hour before high water to experience this sense of being marooned, it is intriguing! Incidentally, you should also experience Sunderland at all stages of the tide – it’s a unique place not only in Lancashire, but in Britain.

Sunderland’s unique location has contributed to its history; stone from Cockersands Abbey was used to build the quay and warehousing for the merchant shipping in the 18th century. Today, Samboo reminds us of a past some wish to forget, we must never forget!

Those early cotton cargoes stored in the warehousing contributed to Lancashire’s economic boom of the 19th century, when Lancashire became ‘the workshop of the world’. And economic success was balanced by tragedy!

As a special place, it is my opinion Sunderland should be a ‘heritage site’. It should be preserved for its history, its present and its future.

Our walk can be made at any state of tide, only the road across Lades Marsh floods. It's a wonderful corner of Lancashire and highly recommended.

Footnote: since my initial visits to Sunderland Point, much work has taken place to address the erosion issues, lets hope Sunderland Point will exist for many generations to come.

Fly-by Video:

Watch the Fly-by video of the walk

Walk Details:
Start: Carr Lane shore car park, SD41362 57178
Distance 7km (4 miles)
Ascent: 20m
Grade: Easy
NB: grading is based upon normal conditions & can be subjective
Countryside Code for the public:
be safe - plan ahead & follow any signs
leave gates & property as you find them
protect plants & animals
take your litter home
keep dogs under close control
consider other people
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