Around Abbeystead

Wyre Way stone marker post
mind you dont trip! stile at Grizedale Bridge

Walk Overview:

This walk takes a tour of the surrounding landscape of Abbeystead village.

This walk takes a tour of the surrounding landscape around Abbeystead village.

We circumnavigate a Royal Estate, many farmsteads, Abbeystead Reservoir as well as The Shepherds Church. Abbeystead is the largest village in Upper Wyresdale, it is a beautiful landscape yet retains a seclusion unusual in the 21st century, it is sheltered by the high moorlands of Bowland including the highest Marilyn in Lancashire, Wards Stone.

During the 12th century, a house of Cistercian Monks occupied a location close to the confluence of Marshaw Wyre and Tarnbrook Wyre, there are no traces of the buildings, Abbeystead means the site of the Abbey.

In the 19th century, much building work took place in the village, Abbeystead House was completed in 1886, built as a shooting lodge for the 4th Earl of Sefton, it was bought by the Duke of Westminster in 1980.

Abbeystead Reservoir was constructed in 1855 by Lancaster Corporation to reinforce the water supply to many downstream mills.

Fly-by Video:

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Walk Details:
Start: Stoops Bridge, Abbeystead, SD56360 54351
Distance 9km (5.5 miles)
Ascent: 85m
Grade: Easy
NB: grading is based upon normal conditions & can be subjective
Countryside Code for the public:
be safe - plan ahead & follow any signs
leave gates & property as you find them
protect plants & animals
take your litter home
keep dogs under close control
consider other people
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