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Your Own Walking Log

I have created this generic Walking Log using Excel, as an 'Owens Walks' supporter you may download the Excel Workbook for free and use it/customise to suit your own requirements and most importantly, stay in control of your own data.

I'm a great believer in controlling my own data, I don't like Google, Amazon, Garmin or any other App controlling my data, I prefer to create my own methods of data management and stay in control.

So here is a free download, it's an Excel Spreadsheet so you will need Excel to run it - it has a few macro's running which you can edit, delete or add to and customise your own Walking Log.

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And remember, your data is stored off-line and will never be shared with any 3rd party.

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The Walking Log uses four sheets in the Excel Workbook:-

  • a Dashboard sheet which includes 'Your Latest Walk', 'A Year-by-Year summary' and a scrollable list of all your walks. These features are produced using macro's which you can edit to suit your own requirements.

  • a Help sheet explaining how the macro's work. There's also help on how to edit your name on the Dashboard to customise your Walking Log.

  • a Utility sheet used for Customising your Walking Log, this sheet is where you edit your name for the Dashboard, you can also edit the drop-down menu used by a macro.

  • a Data sheet, the Workbook contains some 'dummy' data so the macros work. The data table is where you will add your own data to suit your needs. The table structure can be edited but any changes should be edited in the macro's as required as they look up the data for the Pivot-Tables/Charts. Feel free to edit the Table to suit your own requirements.

Download the Walking Log

To download the Owens Walks Walking Log:

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